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Tech Innovation

Alibaba launched “HErmones” on Hema: condoms, pregnancy test and lubricant “top sales”

Sexual wellness products are a fast rising category for e-commerce sites. Only in China, is expected to triple…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba’s Hema Supermarket delivers adult products in thirty minutes or less

The Hema Supermarket app adds a channel for contraceptives, toys, and pregnancy tests, and delivers in…


E-commerce Platforms

Former Microsoft researcher joins AI Institute

Dr. Xiaodong He joins China’s second largest e-commerce platform as VP of AI Institute  …


Market Insights

New retail: China shows the world how to merge offline and online experience

The death of retail has become an ever-present narrative in the West, with retail giants…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba’s Hema supermarket receives backlash and support

Fresh food is the most complicated sector of the retail supply chain, but it also…


Market Insights

U.S. vs. China: Will the Smart Market Die or Thrive?

Jan. 26, 2018 – With unmanned retail experiences exciting tech-savvy consumers in Asia, one has…


Market Insights

Cooperation with Alibaba is not Just for New Retail

Pearl River Beer is an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company. Currently, the company has…