Tech Innovation

New Retail: “The Future of Retail is Not a Question of Channels, But of Experiences”

New Retail is replacing traditional retail. Pioneered by Alibaba, the blending of online and offline…


Market Insights

Fresh Food is Conquering Chinese E-Commerce

The increasing demand for better quality and a “mobile first” society could not but lead…


Cross-border news

Starbucks Launches with Alibaba its “Smart Self Kiosk”

In Hangzhou, China, Starbucks opened new self kiosk installed in select Freshippo stores   The…


E-commerce Platforms

5 Things You Have to Know About the Future of E-Commerce in China

PRC leads the world in e-commerce. Today, more than 40% of whole online transactions take…



Interview With Alibaba: The Consumer First of All

The consumer first of all. In the e-commerce era, platforms compete to those who can…


Business Stories

How Chinese Social-Commerce Became an International Trend

Facebook and Instagram embrace social-commerce? A news for Western consumers, although the integration between social…


China 2025

E-business means China: is e-commerce making the world closer?

High-quality Chinese products are not far from Europe: cross-border e-commerce is making the world smaller. Does…


Market Insights

Communication by Chinese brands in Europe: from strategy to practice

In order to penetrate the European market, Chinese companies need to adjust their approaches to…



E-business means China: are you ready for CCEE 2018?

More and more foreign businesses are eying China as an attractive, very potential market for…


New Cities

Why is Chengdu so receptive to luxury brands?

Chengdu is a natural crossroads. The city of pandas and spicy hot leads in luxury…