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Market Insights

China-Morocco, a cooperation destined to grow

  Morocco’s geo-strategic positioning makes it an exemplary partner for China   Morocco could become…


Tech Innovation

Games, the partnership between Tencent and Roblox begins

  The goal is to bring a multiplayer online game and the game creation platform…


Tech Innovation

Guangzhou, the Chinese port holds a partnership with Acu

  Guangzhou and Acu ports will cooperate for information exchange and collaborative development   The Chinese…


Tech Innovation

Premier luxury in china: Farfetch and expand the strategic partnership

  With the increase in the number of rich people in China, the luxury sector…


Market Insights

DiDi, strategic partnership with Continental

  DiDi and Cotinental will explore cooperation in the fields of intelligent and connected vehicles…


Market Insights

Google, $ 500 million for the strategic partner with

  Google, which has long been at war with Amazon for the control of e-commerce,…