Market Insights

3 Tech Companies that are Booming in China

China’s tech market is evolving faster than any other country. But among the Dragon’s fastest-growing…


Market Insights

E-Commerce in China: an Ever-Changing Experience

A different target audience, an evolving market, and e-commerce platforms aimed at entertaining instead of…


E-commerce Platforms

5 Luxury E-Commerce Platforms for China’s High-End Buyers

The luxury industry in China didn’t approach e-commerce immediately, but today, luxury brands can leverage…


E-commerce Platforms

Marketing in China for Western Brands. Social-Commerce or Live-Streaming?

When marketing in China, focusing just on one e-commerce platform is not enough. Western brands…


China 2025

Cross-border E-commerce: China’s consumption, the World benefits

As the world economy is recovering and world trade is slowly growing, a new form…


Tech Innovation

Huoshan closes to clean up vulgar contents

It is still unclear how long the channel will be offline, but Huoshan has temporarily…


Business Stories

The smaller e-commerce giants: Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce

For SMEs selling to Western customers, these are the e-commerce platforms to know   E-commerce…


Tech Innovation

The streaming Chinese film industry becomes more and more personalized

  Access to public data is revolutionizing the way in which the Chinese movie streaming…