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China, rural industries accelerate the revitalization of the countryside

  This is confirmed by Yu Xinrong, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs  …


Market Insights

Shengli, a production record in 2018: 23.4 million tons!

  The company has collected a huge goal, going 10,000 tons beyond the established target…


Tech Innovation

Part of the assembly of the high-end iPhone will move to India

  Foxconn, which already manufactures phones for Xiaomi Corp in India, said it would start…


Tech Innovation

Foxconn, chip production plant in Zhuhai

  The plant will produce high-definition 8K televisions chipsets   Foxconn Technology, one of the…


Market Insights

China, the printing industry aims to intelligent production

  The announcement was made in Beijing, at a conference organized by the National Press…


Market Insights

Pakistan will use Chinese wheat to increase its production

  Thanks to Chinese hybrid wheat, a Chinese state-owned company managed to get a good…