Market Insights

CATL ready to invest $ 2 billion in the European plant

  The company will build a lithium-ion battery production base and a center for research,…


Tech Innovation

Moon, the Chinese rover has traveled 190 meters on the far side

  The Chinese probe Chang’e-4 was launched on a mission last December 8th   Even…


Market Insights

Increased profit of Chinese state enterprises

  Chinese state-owned companies have a profit gain of 10% and, moreover, research and development…


Tech Innovation

Diabetes, Chinese researchers use artificial intelligence to classify it

  Researchers at Peking University’s People’s Hospital are working on a more elaborate classification of…


Tech Innovation

China is in 2nd place in global research

  The Chinese result is confirmed by the Research Fronts report 2018 published on Wednesday…


Tech Innovation

Dawning will establish a research centre for the future of technological innovation

  Dawning Information Industry received the permission from the National Development and Reform Commission  …


Tech Innovation

China, research reveals the journey of plant seeds across the ocean

  The researchers, led by the Kunming Institute of Botany, studied the nettle family  …


Tech Innovation

China designs new flexible micro-capacitors

  Lithium-ion micro-capacitors (LIMC) are mechanically flexible   As reported by sources from the Dalian…


Market Insights

Qualified researchers flock to Guangzhou

The government has invested 700 million yuan a year to welcome experts and specialists in…