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New Retail: “The Future of Retail is Not a Question of Channels, But of Experiences”

New Retail is replacing traditional retail. Pioneered by Alibaba, the blending of online and offline…


Tech Innovation

E-commerce, how to effectively enter the Chinese market

    The Chinese e-commerce market is certainly the most lively in the world and,…


Tech Innovation

Taobao, the challenge to Pinduoduo passes through the “value for money” area

The move shows a clear reference to the model already experimented by Pinduoduo Taobao, Alibaba’s…


Tech Innovation

E-commerce, in 2019 China is ready to spend $ 2 trillion!

  By the end of 2019 over one third of China’s retail sales will be…


Market Insights

 In 2019, China will have the world’s largest retail market

  China’s total retail sales will grow 7.5% to reach $ 5,636 trillion in 2019…