Tech Innovation

Sensetime partner of China Tower for video surveillance with the AI

    China Tower has offered a number of scenarios where monitoring technology could be…


Tech Innovation

Cybersecurity, Chinese Start-Up Quanzhi Tech Awarded

    Fang Xing and his team were honoured at the Beijing IT Security Conference…


Market Insights

DJI, 150 drones for the Finnish defense forces

  Finland will buy Mavic Pro Platinum drones, which can fly up to 30 minutes…


Market Insights

China, security goal for the industrial Internet

  The industrial Internet provides a basis for different sectors of work, hence the importance…


Tech Innovation

China, faster check-in with electronic boarding passes

    These services have already been started in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and 19 other…


Tech Innovation

Huawei, new 5G lab in South Korea

  The laboratory is the first 5G development center that will allow companies to test…


Tech Innovation

Rong360, app down after consumer criticism

  The company listed in New York has been identified for hosting “head-chopping” lending practices…


Tech Innovation

Huawei opens its Cybersecurity Transparency Center in Brussels

To ensure cyber security and to reassure Western governments, Huawei has decided to open the…


Tech Innovation

In Changsha, China, the first blockchain security centre

  The security centre dedicated to the blockchain will be essential to regulate the development…


Tech Innovation

China, new 3D millimeter-wave scanner for security checks

  The 3D scanner uses a form of electromagnetic radiation to detect hidden objects  …