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E-commerce, how to effectively enter the Chinese market

    The Chinese e-commerce market is certainly the most lively in the world and,…


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From Education to Online Shopping: Live-Streaming is China’s New Form of Digital Communication

Not just a trend, live-streaming in China is a real phenomenon. From education to entertainment,…


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These Trends will Shape China’s E-commerce and Marketing Strategies in 2019

China’s digital evolution is driving the country’s economic growth. What trends are going to lead…


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Fitness Apps in the PRC: an Industry that Combines Exercise and Social Activity

A renovated interest in health and sports is spreading in China. But while many white-collars…


Tech Innovation

Meitu, here is the AI ​​platform for developers

  Meitu is focusing on software development, moving away from the smartphone market (at a…


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Smartphones, shipments to China are falling

  This is confirmed by a report by the China Academy of Information and Communications…


Market Insights

Bye Bye Apple: Chinese Smartphones are leading the Southeast Asia Market

Chinese smartphones are driving the expansion of the Made in China leading the Southeast Asian…


Tech Innovation

Huawei XG Mate X, the folding smartphone arrives in the official stores

  The website does not specify the price, but Huawei has hinted that it will…


Tech Innovation

Chinese Fintech is the Most Advanced in the World, AntFinalcial at the Head

For the third year in a row, Ant Financial ranks first among 100 worldwide fintech…


Tech Innovation

OnePlus partners with luxury carmaker McLaren for a luxury smartphone

  An exclusive partnership between OnePlus and luxury carmaker McLaren for the McLaren OnePlus 6T…