Tech Innovation

ByteDance buys competition with Baidu grows

    The acquisition of the Chinese response to Wikipedia has intensified the rivalry between…


Tech Innovation

Sogou, a new partnership for an e-book reader

  Sogou has already used artificial intelligence technologies, including speech synthesis and image detection  …


Tech Innovation

ByteDance, the search engine is online

    The company’s search portal is finally online, although it is only optimized for…


Market Insights

From Oil to Hi-Tech: the Dragon’s Involvement in the MENA Region

China’s economic relationship with the MENA region has now expanded way beyond oil. From e-commerce…


China 2025

“I, Robot”: Chinese AI Takes Us into the Future

Robots will replace humans? Hotels and restaurants run entirely by AI or TV news broadcasted…


Tech Innovation

The Chinese translator signed by Sogou

Artificial intelligence is the new frontier of development and Alibaba and Tencent are investing a…