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Southeast Asia Turns into a Key Battleground for Cloud Computing Providers

Southeast Asia is experiencing a “cloud war” in its region, which is fostering the local…


Market Insights

Bye Bye Apple: Chinese Smartphones are leading the Southeast Asia Market

Chinese smartphones are driving the expansion of the Made in China leading the Southeast Asian…


Tech Innovation

China Exports Fintech: 5 Countries Where it Has Been Successful

Chinese companies are aiming to shape the future of the fintech field and to expand…


Business Stories

PRC Tech Giants in Southeast Asia: a Competition that Boosts the Digital Scene

Southeast Asia has become a key battleground for China’s tech giants, especially Tencent and Alibaba,…


Market Insights

China, technology giants are fighting for Southeast Asia

  Alibaba and Tencent have invested large sums of money in more startups in the…


Tech Innovation

World biggest tech firms will train millions of young Southeast Asians

  The transition to automation threatens to put millions of people out of work and…


Tech Innovation

Bingo Box landed in Malaysia and entered the Southeast Asian market

In recent years, as an emerging diversified economy, Malaysia has experienced rapid economic growth with…


Market Insights

Huadian Fuxin Energy shows its interest in Southeast Asia

  Huadian Fuxin Energy Corporation Limited develops and operates wind power and other clean energy…


Tech Innovation

Chinese technology companies are targeting Southeast Asia

  Alibaba, Tencent and are investing in the region of Southeast Asia, which counts…


Tech Innovation

Self-driving delivery robots arrive in Beijing

A fleet of self-driving delivery robots have arrived in Beijing’s Haidian District courtesy of…