Market Insights

The Italian brand FILA aims to expand its brand in China

    The FILA brand is owned by Anta, the largest Chinese sportswear manufacturer, which…


Market Insights

Fitness Apps in the PRC: an Industry that Combines Exercise and Social Activity

A renovated interest in health and sports is spreading in China. But while many white-collars…


Business Stories

Anta: PRC Largest Sport Maker Will Beat Nike!

Is Anta setting or following the fitness trend? Fujian based sportswear brand is running to…


Cross-border news, Tech Innovation

Tmall and Chinese Football Association Super League reached a five-year cooperation

Chinese Football Association Super League (CSL), Ltd., Tmall, and Beijing Shankai Sports Co., Ltd. jointly…


Tech Innovation

NBA star Jeremy Lin backs HomeCourt app

  HomeCourt app was developed to help players improve their basketball skills   Developed by…


Business Stories

“Health and Happiness”: is Alisports turning Chinese into sport lovers?

From a vision to real life through internet: how is possible to combine sport and…