Market Insights

Thailand, DAU on the rise during the “618” shopping festival

  The total SADs increased by 44 million, from 91.4 million to 135 million  …


Tech Innovation

E-commerce, how to effectively enter the Chinese market

    The Chinese e-commerce market is certainly the most lively in the world and,…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance launches a new social app to challenge WeChat

  Flipchat marks the second attempt to challenge WeChat’s social messaging domain in China  …


Tech Innovation

Alibaba fights counterfeit products with hi-tech systems

  Thanks to the most sophisticated technology to track and intercept counterfeit products, Alibaba has…


Market Insights

Taobao, offline success of online brands

  A shining example is present in the Hangzhou Kerry Center shopping center: the “Taostyle”…


Tech Innovation

Taobao, test for the social e-commerce platform Taoxiaopu

  Currently the platform is being tested internally for research on market trends   Soon…


Market Insights

Live-Streaming in China is Reshaping E-Commerce

The live-streaming industry in China is not only booming but it is also fueling Chinese…


Business Stories, E-commerce Platforms

Conscious Consumers Love Idle Fish: the App that Gives Unwanted Goods a Second Life

Idle Fish is Alibaba’s marketplace for second-hand goods. Since the launch, it already recycled over…


Tech Innovation

Taobao, the challenge to Pinduoduo passes through the “value for money” area

The move shows a clear reference to the model already experimented by Pinduoduo Taobao, Alibaba’s…


Tech Innovation

Taobao, live streaming set for a 2019 growth

  Taobao, over the years, has become a standard e-commerce configuration   Taobao, an important…