Cross-border news

China’s Fight on Daigou: from the Crackdown to a Market Opportunity

To avoid import taxes, a phenomenon of people buying products abroad for Chinese customers has…


Business Stories Breaks Parenthood Stereotypes and Unravels the Attentive Dad

As the number of stay-at-home fathers is growing in China, dads now demand a better…


Market Insights

”He-conomy” vs ”She-conomy”: it’s time for men to drive China’s consumption

Women have always embodied the ideal consumer. But an emerging increase in China’s male consumption…


Market Insights

Auction gone bad for the properties of the Chinese company Jia Yueting

  Jia bought Junshi Science & Technology and all of affiliated property management firm Beijing…


Cross-border news, Tech Innovation

Rural Taobao’s First Future Farm Settles in Inner Mongolia

Through Ali’s all-around channel to build a local rice brand, and in conjunction with the…


Tech Innovation

Alipay launches a new purchase function

  With the new function it is possible to buy in groups to get big…


Market Insights, Tech Innovation

Taobao Xinxuan opened offline store in RT-Mart

  Therefore, for Taobao Xinxuan, RT-Mart is one of the high-quality retail partners that is…


E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba accelerates the development of rural E-commerce in China, online and offline stores in development

In 2018, according to the forecast of China Business Research Institute, the number of rural…


Market Insights

Kuaishou dives into social commerce

Short video-sharing platform Kuaishou is the latest platform to jump into the intersection of social…


Market Insights

Taobao Xinxuan opens 2nd physical store in Shanghai

Alibaba launched the second Taobao Xinxuan — which translates to Taobao Selected — in Shanghai…