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Live-Streaming in China is Reshaping E-Commerce

The live-streaming industry in China is not only booming but it is also fueling Chinese…


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Conscious Consumers Love Idle Fish: the App that Gives Unwanted Goods a Second Life

Idle Fish is Alibaba’s marketplace for second-hand goods. Since the launch, it already recycled over…


Tech Innovation

Taobao, the challenge to Pinduoduo passes through the “value for money” area

The move shows a clear reference to the model already experimented by Pinduoduo Taobao, Alibaba’s…


Tech Innovation

Taobao, live streaming set for a 2019 growth

  Taobao, over the years, has become a standard e-commerce configuration   Taobao, an important…


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Social Commerce: Little Red Book new Program Goes Viral on WeChat

Little Red Book launched a social commerce mini program “RED Shop (小红店)” which suddenly became…


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The Curious Explosion of Pinduoduo in Chinese E-Commerce Arena

Pinduoduo is the fastest growing e-commerce app in China’s history, which took out the competition…


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China’s Fight on Daigou: from the Crackdown to a Market Opportunity

To avoid import taxes, a phenomenon of people buying products abroad for Chinese customers has…


Business Stories Breaks Parenthood Stereotypes and Unravels the Attentive Dad

As the number of stay-at-home fathers is growing in China, dads now demand a better…


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”He-conomy” vs ”She-conomy”: it’s time for men to drive China’s consumption

Women have always embodied the ideal consumer. But an emerging increase in China’s male consumption…


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Auction gone bad for the properties of the Chinese company Jia Yueting

  Jia bought Junshi Science & Technology and all of affiliated property management firm Beijing…