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Livestreaming E-Commerce: China reached 560 Million Users in March 2020

E-commerce livestreaming sessions topped 4 million in the first quarter reaching 560 million people, according…


E-commerce Platforms

Tencent Aims at E-Commerce With Live Streaming on WeChat

    The H5 page allows users to click on the products listed in the…


E-commerce Platforms

China, the Livestream Economy Opens Up New Possibilities

    Livestreaming has become a viable source of revenue thanks to the booming Chinese…


Market Insights

Thailand, DAU on the rise during the “618” shopping festival

  The total SADs increased by 44 million, from 91.4 million to 135 million  …


Tech Innovation

E-commerce, how to effectively enter the Chinese market

    The Chinese e-commerce market is certainly the most lively in the world and,…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance launches a new social app to challenge WeChat

  Flipchat marks the second attempt to challenge WeChat’s social messaging domain in China  …


Tech Innovation

Alibaba fights counterfeit products with hi-tech systems

  Thanks to the most sophisticated technology to track and intercept counterfeit products, Alibaba has…


Market Insights

Taobao, offline success of online brands

  A shining example is present in the Hangzhou Kerry Center shopping center: the “Taostyle”…


Tech Innovation

Taobao, test for the social e-commerce platform Taoxiaopu

  Currently the platform is being tested internally for research on market trends   Soon…


Market Insights

Live-Streaming in China is Reshaping E-Commerce

The live-streaming industry in China is not only booming but it is also fueling Chinese…