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Sinovation Ventures: new headquarters of the Greater Bay Area

  The new base will f­ocus on industrial investments and artificial intelligence research   Sinovation…


Market Insights

Southeast Asia Turns into a Key Battleground for Cloud Computing Providers

Southeast Asia is experiencing a “cloud war” in its region, which is fostering the local…


Market Insights

BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands: AI, E-commerce, New Retail and Social Media Perform Strongly

The annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands ranking was finally released in Beijing…


Business Stories, China 2025

Tencent is Catching Up to its Counterparts, Ranking Second in Global Patent Applications

When it comes to innovation, Chinese tech companies are rapidly catching up to their US…


Tech Innovation

Super Micro, just production in China for suppliers

  The company has encountered several problems with motherboards produced in the Asian country  …


China 2025

5G is Real and Currently in Use… in China!

The test period for 5G technology is almost over in China. The wireless revolution is…


Tech Innovation

Huawei opens its Cybersecurity Transparency Center in Brussels

To ensure cyber security and to reassure Western governments, Huawei has decided to open the…


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China, Belgium to strengthen cooperation

China, Belgium set model for China-EU cooperation. Beijing is ready with Brussels to strengthen the…


China 2025

Self-driving electric harvesters point to future of China’s agriculture

Shift to automation is key for the farming sector of the world’s second largest economy….


Market Insights

Artificial intelligence technology is led by China, the United States and Japan

  A WIPO report looked at how many new artificial patent applications come out of…