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Tech Innovation

Finished the construction of the Alibaba technological hotel

  The new hotel is called FlyZoo and will be a showcase for cutting-edge technology…


China 2025

Davos 2019: BRI Won Recognition from Delegates all around the World

World Economic Forum panel upbeat about benefits of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. “China has…


China 2025

Three Turning Points about How China is Promoting Recycling

How does China deal with its own waste? In many ways, China is already an…


Tech Innovation

Chinese Fintech is the Most Advanced in the World, AntFinalcial at the Head

For the third year in a row, Ant Financial ranks first among 100 worldwide fintech…


China 2025

How This Year’s Chinese Robotics Innovations Will Change the Daily Life

In 2018, China managed to bring robots into people’s daily life. Warehouse robot workers, automated…


Business Stories

Meng Wanzhou: all about Huawei CFO’s Arrest

Huawei’s CFO, Meng Wanzhou, has been arrested in Canada and now risks 30 years in…


New Cities

Not only Beijing or Shanghai, these 5 PRC Cities’ Economies are Booming

In the not-so-distant future, more than half of the rich Chinese will be in cities…


China 2025

“I, Robot”: Chinese AI Takes Us into the Future

Robots will replace humans? Hotels and restaurants run entirely by AI or TV news broadcasted…


Tech Innovation

Hi-tech: Xinhua’s first English AI anchor makes debut

China’s state news agency has unveiled a virtual newsreader sporting a sharp suit and a…


Tech Innovation

New technology + Scale effect supports Alibaba Cloud

At present, Alibaba Cloud has 52 available areas in 19 regions around the world, providing…