Tech Innovation

Robotics X, Tencent’s laboratory for robotics and artificial intelligence

Tencent aims to enter the world of robotics. With the slogan “Make AI Everywhere” (develops…


Market Insights

How China plans to lure Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent back home

China’s biggest tech companies such as Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba have sought a place on…


Tech Innovation

Huateng Ma to promote Internet Plus Healthcare

Huateng Ma, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of the board and CEO…


Market Insights

In commercial sector a new competition emerges: the offline retail

The offline sector returns to interest Alibaba and Tencent and, in recent years, they have…


Tech Innovation

Tencent, a joint venture with People’s Daily for the distribution of short videos

Diffusion of short videos and live news broadcasts, that’s the basis of the agreement between…


Market Insights

NIO electric vehicle startup to challenge Tesla with USD 2 billion IPO

It is rumored that Chinese electric car company NIO is planning an IPO before the…


Tech Innovation

China’s mobile payments reach US$12.8 trillion in transactions

The cashless future is here – in China. Mobile payments soared last year, reaching US$12.8…


E-commerce Platforms

WeChat, 688 million users took advantage of Hongbao during Chinese New Year

Great success for WeChat Hongbao, which involved 688 million users during the Chinese New Year….


Tech Innovation

China Lunar New Year is hi-tech, from digital red packets to augmented-reality filters

China, with the world’s largest internet population and smartphone market, also has the biggest app…


Tech Innovation

JD.com logistics arm raises US$2.5 billion for automation, drones, and robots

JD.com is the ever-ready challenger to Alibaba’s e-commerce empire, but a new round of funding…