Tech Innovation

WeChat unlocks links to Kuaishou videos

  China’s national broadcasting agency has censored a series of video apps for unlicensed expansion…



IRCE 2019: What You Need to Know

The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition – better known as IRCE – is back. The four…


Cross-border news

E-Commerce: Li Keqiang, Urges Support for Cross-Border E-Commerce

Chinese government supports cross-border e-commerce. PRC Premier: “Innovative oversight helps companies improve their cross-border business”….


Business Stories

Forget 5G, Next Chinese Hot Trend Is Music: Now PRC Based Music App Are Going Global

Not only Apple and Spotify. Tencent dominates online music-streaming industry in China, but challenges loom…


Tech Innovation

Games, the partnership between Tencent and Roblox begins

  The goal is to bring a multiplayer online game and the game creation platform…


Tech Innovation

Even cars speak thanks to WeChat

  This year, WeChat plans to launch entirely vocal services for drivers   Enough distractions…


Tech Innovation

NetEase partnership with Marvel on mobile games

In the future, the partnership will grow further, including the sectors of comics and cinema…


Tech Innovation

ByteDance launches a new social app to challenge WeChat

  Flipchat marks the second attempt to challenge WeChat’s social messaging domain in China  …


Business Stories

Belgium: the new destination for e-commerce

Is Belgium the new destination for e-commerce? All facts let experts think yes. Moreover, China-Belgium relations…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba and Tencent in Japan to standardize QR payment

  The two Chinese giants will join a project carried out with Line, Mercari and…