Tech Innovation

WeChat, fight against spam: external connections are forbidden

    WeChat users welcomed the news with favourable enthusiasm     WeChat has banned…


China 2025

How Chinese Green Tech is Drawing the Dragon’s Green Path

With the help of Green Technology, China is drawing the path of its “Green Long…


Tech Innovation

WeChat Fights False GPS Location Services

    Location tags can easily be changed by third-party services     WeChat, the…


Market Insights

Tencent bets on indie games: acquired a share of Pathea

    The Chinese Internet giant earns 30% of its revenue from online games  …


Market Insights

Alipay And WeChat Pay Say “No” To Cryptocurrency Transactions

    The new Binance approach, one of the largest digital currency exchange rates in…


Market Insights

eMarketer: “The Top Global E-Commerce Market will be China”

According to Global E-commerce 2019, with $1.935 trillion in e-commerce sales China will be main…


E-commerce Platforms

Tencent Aims at E-Commerce With Live Streaming on WeChat

    The H5 page allows users to click on the products listed in the…


Tech Innovation

China, Mobile Payments Transform Domestic Services

    Alibaba and Tencent are reshaping the way people approach health care, loans and…



EU-China Trade in Numbers. Liège is Ready to Host First EU Cross Border E-Commerce Forum

Last year Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba inked an agreement with Belgium to open its first…