China 2025

A Fifth of Worldwide Billionaires Come from China but Who Are They?

The world is witnessing a wave of entrepreneurship at a global level and as the…


Market Insights

China, technology giants are fighting for Southeast Asia

  Alibaba and Tencent have invested large sums of money in more startups in the…


Business Stories

Chinese New Year 2019 Consumes Report: Outbound Tourism and E-Commerce driving Consumes

Holiday consumption is always a barometer of the nation’s whole-year retail spending. What Chinese consumers…


Tech Innovation

Chongqing completes first 5G driverless bus driving test

First 5G driverless bus debuts in Chongqing. According to local authorities “this technology will be applied in…


Tech Innovation

Tencent Games expands the anti-addiction system

  Security mode is now available on 31 Tencent-marked titles   Tencent Games is expanding…


Tech Innovation

Tencent: 163 new investments in 2018

  Tencent wanted to overcome the moment of economic impasse, look elsewhere and diversify investments…


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E-commerce in China? Almost US$7 trillion business

China retail trend 2019; to hit US$6.77 trillion, fueled by e-commerce and new retail  …


Tech Innovation

Chinese Fintech is the Most Advanced in the World, AntFinalcial at the Head

For the third year in a row, Ant Financial ranks first among 100 worldwide fintech…


Tech Innovation

Tencent, China Telecom: a new data center for the arrival of 5G

  The rapid rise of data centers is bringing about problems in terms of investment…


Tech Innovation

What was China “Baidu-ing” This Year?

Baidu unveils its own “Year in Search”. What were PRC netizens “Baidu-ing”?   In Western…