Cross-border news

Top 5 Main Goals for PRC Economic Development in 2019

Chinese premier told annual political gathering the nation will face ‘a graver and more complicated…


Tech Innovation

Tencent, new test control for games: need the photo with parents!

  Once implemented, the new system will give parents full control over Tencent games  …


Cross-border news

China is Largest Consumer of Belgian beers in Asia

According to data, China imported more Belgian beers than Japan, becoming since 2015 Asia’s largest…


New Cities

Top 5 PRC Cities with Highest Growth Rate

In China, lower-tier cities are challenging the dominance of first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai…


Tech Innovation

Tencent, agreements to bring Apex Legends to Asia

  The title has already far exceeded the 25 million players   Tencent is negotiating…


China 2025

A Fifth of Worldwide Billionaires Come from China but Who Are They?

The world is witnessing a wave of entrepreneurship at a global level and as the…


Market Insights

China, technology giants are fighting for Southeast Asia

  Alibaba and Tencent have invested large sums of money in more startups in the…


Business Stories

Chinese New Year 2019 Consumes Report: Outbound Tourism and E-Commerce driving Consumes

Holiday consumption is always a barometer of the nation’s whole-year retail spending. What Chinese consumers…


Tech Innovation

Chongqing completes first 5G driverless bus driving test

First 5G driverless bus debuts in Chongqing. According to local authorities “this technology will be applied in…


Tech Innovation

Tencent Games expands the anti-addiction system

  Security mode is now available on 31 Tencent-marked titles   Tencent Games is expanding…