China 2025 launches “Travel On” Initiative. $140 mln For Partners Group to revitalize travel with “Travel On” initiative. The Chinese group joins Google to launch…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba Group To Improve The Experience Of Visitors To Universal Parks & Resorts

    The two have formed a partnership to improve the user experience and to…


Market Insights

China, Tourism Becomes Social With MaFengWo And Qyer

    More and more Chinese organize trips independently, also thanks to platforms like MaFengWo…


Market Insights

Tiffany & Co. will Open New Stores in China

  With a weak yuan, but still having purchasing power, the Chinese prefer to spend…


Cross-Border Regulations

Mobile payments: the WeChat Pay cooperation with the Japanese LINE Pay

  The goal of the partnership is to support the use of WeChat Pay for…


Business Stories, E-commerce Platforms

Thailand’s Duty-Free Chain uses WeChat Mini Programs to Reach China Through its Tourists

Thailand’s number one duty-free chain is using WeChat Mini Programs to meet Chinese tourists. But…


Tech Innovation

Stuttgart introduces online payments to attract Chinese tourists

    The German city has opened for online payments of Alipay and WeChat Pay…


New Cities

From Mao’s Birthplace to Avatar’s Mountains: the Evolution of Hunan

During its millenary history, Hunan has been Chairman Mao’s birthplace and the place of inspiration…


Tech Innovation

China Ctrip, mobility services in 785 cities around the world!

Ctrip has launched collaborations around the world to encourage, above all, Chinese tourists   Ctrip,…


Market Insights

Alipay triples the number of European merchants in a year

    Ronald Palmer, head of the European division of Alipay, underlined the company’s constant…