Tech Innovation

Huawei is Focusing on Cloud Computing: a Challenge Launched to Amazon and Alibaba

  To accelerate the process, the Chinese company is ready to allocate as much as…


Market Insights

Huawei, Android remains the first choice as mobile operating system

    This is confirmed by the president of the Chinese company, Liang Hua  …


Market Insights

Trump says delaying tariff increase on Chinese imports

  The trade war between China and the US, in this last period, has damaged…


Market Insights

Chinese manufacturing activity slows due to trade war

  The trade war hits more than expected and the results of Chinese manufacturing activity…


Market Insights

Has the iPhone been spied? China responds to Trump

  Hua Chunying, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, has branded the news as a fake…


China 2025

China Will Dominate the World of Robotics

US-China trade war less impacted the sector, China purchased 141.000 industrial robots in 2017. PRC…


China 2025

Mr. Trump, Don’t use Trade as Weapon

  Donald Trump’s stance on trade could cause serious damage to the global economy and…


E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba’s Jack Ma: US-China trade war would hurt small businesses and young people

Jack Ma speaks to the detriment of a potential trade war; says the balance of…


Market Insights

Duties, China responds to the US: 128 articles were taxed

  The Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council has imposed tariffs of 15% and…


Market Insights

China’s new central bank chief reassures the market

The risk of any disturbance in the Chinese market due to American restrictions has been…