Market Insights

US-China, The IMF Warns: Trade Tensions Could Reduce Global GDP

    This is confirmed by the words of Kristalina Georgieva, the new head of…


Cross-Border Regulations

China, Many Free Trade Agreements Along The Belt & Road Initiative

    Current trade with the US has seen a revival of Chinese interest in…


Market Insights

PayPal Enters The Payment Market In China

    The US PayPal will compete with two major payment companies like Alipay and…


Cross-Border Regulations

Equipment seizure, Huawei drops the lawsuit against the US Department of Commerce

  In September 2017, the US Department of Commerce and several other US government agencies…


Market Insights

China, less restrictions on car purchases

  The easing would mark a significant change in the policy for the largest automotive…


Tech Innovation

Huawei’s new project: the first fiber-optic cable between Asia and South America

    Huawei is actively following the public tender launched by Chile for the construction…


Market Insights

China, exports up in July

    July is the month in which exporters enjoyed a truce in the escalation…


Tech Innovation

Apple, good results from China despite the commercial tensions

CEO Tim Cook confirms the success of the commercial operations   This time China is…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba, here is the new RISC-V processor

    The move accelerates Chinese technological self-sufficiency given the trade war with the US…


Market Insights

DJI, 150 drones for the Finnish defense forces

  Finland will buy Mavic Pro Platinum drones, which can fly up to 30 minutes…