Tech Innovation

Alibaba fights counterfeit products with hi-tech systems

  Thanks to the most sophisticated technology to track and intercept counterfeit products, Alibaba has…


Tech Innovation

Trade war, China blocks Twitter users

  Authorities ordered to remove tweets about China-US relations   The Chinese authorities, in recent…


Market Insights

Bike-sharer Ofo: problems for nearly 12 million users

  Around 11.7 million customers of cash-stretched Ofo are currently waiting for deposit refunds  …


Tech Innovation

Meitu, new charges for improper collection of data

  The China Consumer Association accuses Meitu of collecting biographical data and financial information  …


Tech Innovation

Video-sharing site AcFun, compromised millions of users’ data

  AcFun, is an abbreviation of “Anime, Comic and Fun, is a Chinese video sharing…


Market Insights

Weibo, its profit is increased by 111% in a year

$ 99.1 million profits in the first quarter of 2018 fo rWeibo, with revenue up…


Tech Innovation

Guiyang, the city of China with the younger QQ users

  QQ, owned by Tencent, is the most popular instant messaging program in China  …


Tech Innovation

LinkedIn China becomes more restrictive for users

Users will have to add their phone numbers for real-name registration, that’s the new restriction…


Tech Innovation

Tencent Holdings will comply with law requests on user data

  After the recent Facebook scandal, The company’s senior management of Tencent Holdings assured that…