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Video of Crying Customer in Mercedes – Benz Showroom Goes Viral

Woman demanded a replacement after her new CLS 300 coupe had an oil leak: “I…


Market Insights

China, 33,600 apps blocked since December

  The repression has targeted gaming and training apps for content such as gambling and…


Market Insights

Tencent realizes the largest sale of bonds in Asia

  Bond sales are part of a global program for brand growth   Tencent Holdings…


Tech Innovation

Tencent buys Youzhan and Weimob shares

  The choice to buy the two Chinese companies was made to promote the WeChat…


Market Insights

5 Chinese E-Commerce Platform You Never Heard of

Giants such as Alibaba or JD dominate a rapidly growing e-commerce ecosystem, but aside from…


E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba vs Tencent: Who is the Better Solution for Retailers?

Alibaba and Tencent have embarked on an offline “acquisition war”, even outside China.  But the…


Market Insights

WeChat, closed more than 2,500 accounts for illegal lending activities

  The move is a response to many users’ protest about the illegal loan on…


Cross-border news, Cross-Border Regulations

China Adopted New Foreign Investment Law

“The law will give more people confidence in China,” said Adam Dunnett, secretary general of…


Cross-border news, E-commerce Platforms

Social Commerce: Little Red Book new Program Goes Viral on WeChat

Little Red Book launched a social commerce mini program “RED Shop (小红店)” which suddenly became…


Tech Innovation

WeChat-Apple the stall continues on mini-programs

  The Cupertino house would have required 30% of the revenue for in-app purchases  …