Tech Innovation

WeChat supports multimedia publishing for public accounts

China’s biggest app provides a decentralized platform for user-generated content     On the evening of…


Tech Innovation

Pony Ma announces Tencent blockchain for medical treatment

TrustSQL to be used in treatment to ensure the quality of electronic prescriptions   TrustSQL,…


Market Insights

Asia’s largest stock, Tencent plunges US$50 billion

Tencent Holdings Ltd is having a bad month, but analysts stay confident   After a…


E-commerce Platforms

Tencent, new mobile games arrive on WeChat

The new Tencent game proposal is made up of a variety of random games, focused…


Tech Innovation

China’s first smart hospital goes online in Guangdong Province

The AI-powered hospital features intelligent assistants, mobile payments and diagnoses, CT and x-ray analysis    …


Tech Innovation

China’s highway system makes use of mobile payment

Chinese highways are experiencing a hi-tech transformation including digital payments through Alipay, the first “smart…


Business Stories

Will China’s art market spark a digital revolution?

China’s art market is booming. Chinese consumer spending came of age with the internet. Will…


E-commerce Platforms

WeChat luxury brands make five new year’s resolutions

As WeChat’s annual conference in Guangzhou approaches, thousands of people await new app developments. Four…


E-commerce Platforms

WeChat, 688 million users took advantage of Hongbao during Chinese New Year

Great success for WeChat Hongbao, which involved 688 million users during the Chinese New Year….


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People’s Bank of China to crackdown on mobile payments

China is living in the cashless future. Up until three years ago, cash was king,…