Tech Innovation

WeChat Pay, Fen arrives: money transfer via phone numbers

    The functionality, which aligns the Tencent system with that of Alipay, is now…


Tech Innovation

WeChat, fight against spam: external connections are forbidden

    WeChat users welcomed the news with favourable enthusiasm     WeChat has banned…


Tech Innovation

WeChat Fights False GPS Location Services

    Location tags can easily be changed by third-party services     WeChat, the…


Market Insights

Alipay And WeChat Pay Say “No” To Cryptocurrency Transactions

    The new Binance approach, one of the largest digital currency exchange rates in…


E-commerce Platforms

JD Expands Logistics With a New Storage Service

    Customers will be able to track every step of the archiving process through…


E-commerce Platforms

Social Networks are Outdated. It is the Social Commerce Era

Traditional e-commerce is outdated, as well as social networks. A new trend has emerged in…


Market Insights

eMarketer: “The Top Global E-Commerce Market will be China”

According to Global E-commerce 2019, with $1.935 trillion in e-commerce sales China will be main…


Tech Innovation

Xpeng Equips The P7 Coupe With The Alibaba Mini-App

    The mini-app will focus on driver-centred features such as navigation, real-time location and…


Market Insights

Luckin Coffee will offer fresh fruit juices to Chinese consumers

    After a new joint venture with Louis Dreyfus Company, Luckin Coffee, which is…