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China, 33,600 apps blocked since December

  The repression has targeted gaming and training apps for content such as gambling and…


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Natasha Lau & Lisa Xia: from the Origin of Modern China to KOLs

While Lisa Xia came from a textile job to become part of China’s socialite, her…


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Fashion: Successes and Missteps of Luxury Brands’ Year of the Pig Collections

As the Chinese New Year approaches, brands start to launch their limited edition collections. While…


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How Ms Yeah Became a Global Wanghong by Cooking in the Office

Ms Yeah shot a video of herself cooking food using office supplies among her deadpan…


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Yizhibo Turned Live-Streaming into Chinese Millennials’ New Favorite Format

With 59.7 million registered users, Yizhibo became one of the biggest live-streaming platforms in China….


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Weibo, is the social of influencer: earnings for 26.8 billion yuan in 2018

  The e-commerce makes the Weibo bloggers rich   The influencers have grossed over 26.8…


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E-tourism in China: it’s Weibo the favorite travel app

As the purchasing power grows in China, a new DIY e-tourism is rising. No more…


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”I Am The Actor”, Tencent Bets on the Talent Show

Is AI going to determine future KOL? While the top Chinese reality show ”I Am…


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Facial recognition in Chinese schools: ‘Big Teacher’ or big help?

A high school in the tech-forward city of Hangzhou introduced a facial recognition system in…


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Weibo, its profit is increased by 111% in a year

$ 99.1 million profits in the first quarter of 2018 fo rWeibo, with revenue up…