China 2025

After 40 Years of Reforms, Here Comes the Chinese Dream

The PRC celebrates 40 years since the start of those economic reforms that led China…


China 2025

According to Jack Ma, small businesses will be the future of world trade

  Technology must be exploited to develop commerce and society   During an opening session…


China 2025

Is the Global Order Changing?

Last week UN assembly laugh of Donald Trump, meanwhile, China is becoming global leader in…


Cross-Border Regulations

China, WTO request for new sanctions against the USA

  China has demanded an annual $ 7 billion trade sanction on US assets  …


Market Insights

Beijing applies anti-dumping tariffs to cellulose, sorghum, and rubber

China’s Ministry of Commerce announced taxes on cellulose pulp imported from the US, Canada, and Brazil…


E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba’s Jack Ma: US-China trade war would hurt small businesses and young people

Jack Ma speaks to the detriment of a potential trade war; says the balance of…


Cross-Border Regulations

Here’s what you should know about a US China trade war

The US-China trade-war is on – who will it benefit and who will it hurt?  …