Market Insights

Cooperation between Germany and the Hubei province is strengthened

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday visited the Chinese provincial capital Wuhan to…


New Cities

Steel, Cars, and Innovation: How Wuhan Rewrote its Story

Often called “the Chicago of China”, Wuhan went from looking like an open-air factory to…


Market Insights

Why Chinese Graduates prefer Lower-Tier Cities over Beijing and Shanghai

Although Tier 2 cities have a large number of university graduates, they used to leave…


Market Insights

Wuhan, off to the construction of a coastal mission vessel in Malaysia

  The ship will be the first of its class to be built in China…


Cross-Border Regulations

In Wuhan, artist showcases over 300,000 stolen identities

Deng Yufeng has purchased personal data of 346,000 inhabitants of the city from the black…