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Xi emphasizes the development of blockchain technology

    The application of blockchain technology in China has been extended to different sectors…


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China can become one of the greatest green innovators in the world

    Xi Jinping made an attempt to define what kind of investments could develop…


China 2025

37 Heads of State in Beijing for the 2nd Belt and Road Forum

Beijing just hosted the 2nd Belt and Road Forum. The three-day summit gathered the leaders…


China 2025

How Xi Jinping’s Visit to Europe is Going to Shape Sino-EU Relations?

After 5 years from his previous visit, last March, PRC’s President Xi Jinping landed in…


China 2025

US-China Truce Deadline is Close but Talks are not Over Yet

The 90-days tariff truce is reaching its deadline on March 1. In January, Chinese Vice…


China 2025

After 40 Years of Reforms, Here Comes the Chinese Dream

The PRC celebrates 40 years since the start of those economic reforms that led China…


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The equilibrium between American stocks and Chinese stocks changes

  Chinese President Xi Jinping will have one other bargaining chip in his meet with…


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The China International Import Expo begins

  In a time when the waves of protectionism and unilateralism are threatening global growth,…


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China, ‘opening up,’ cuts import tariffs on more products

China is reducing import tariffs on a variety of everyday consumer goods beginning July 1,…


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Trump: tariffs on Chinese goods will go forward

Departing from its fresh decision to put the trade war “on hold,” the Trump administration…