Tech Innovation

The new HPV vaccine project from the China-Europe alliance

    The project is the result of a partnership in which the pharmaceutical industries…


New Cities

Fuzhou and Xiamen: the Gateway to the Global Market lies in Fujian

From centers of China’s trade to innovation hubs, Fuzhou and Xiamen attract local startups and…


Business Stories

Anta: PRC Largest Sport Maker Will Beat Nike!

Is Anta setting or following the fitness trend? Fujian based sportswear brand is running to…


New Cities

Beijing is boosting cross-border e-commerce

China’s cross-border e-commerce is forecast to see turnover top 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars in 2018,…


China 2025

E-business means “China 2025”? CCEE Xiamen reveals cross-border e-commerce trends

The 2018 Xiamen China Cross-Border E-commerce Exhibition (CCEE) kicked off yesterday with presentations from movers…


New Cities

Amazon Global launches e-commerce park in Xiamen

  Xiamen Cross-Border E-commerce Park has opened its doors, signaling the region’s readiness to embrace…


Tech Innovation

Fujian is the latest city to join China’s government-backed blockchain programs

In the race to regulate blockchain technology in China, its biggest tech cities are creating…