Cross-Border Regulations

Belt & Road Initiative, talked about at the 2019 Euro-Asian Economic Forum

  The international event was attended by politicians, businessmen and scholars from over 50 countries…


Market Insights

e-sport, the support of Chinese local governments

  China will host 350 million players in 2019: a total market of 13.8 billion…


Market Insights

Why Chinese Graduates prefer Lower-Tier Cities over Beijing and Shanghai

Although Tier 2 cities have a large number of university graduates, they used to leave…


Cross-border news, Market Insights

1st China-Europe train dedicated to e-commerce arrives

A China-Europe direct freight train that exclusively serves e-commerce has arrived for the time in…


Tech Innovation

China, 1,374 drones flying over Xi’an: but the exhibition fails

  Ehang has deployed a fleet of 1,374 drones during the Labor Day show  …


New Cities

Xi’an: the Chinese city at the start of the New Silk Road

Its central position allows for strategic growth and development, and a future as China’s fourth…