Tech Innovation

Kuaishou, the Tencent app opens up long videos

  One of the advantages is that it allows a greater variety of contents  …


Tech Innovation

Alibaba, great preparations for the annual 11.11 Countdown Gala Celebration

  Alibaba said it wanted to broadcast the Gala on about 10 cable networks in…


Market Insights

The “I Hear You” Web series from Alibaba purchased from Netflix

  The world entertainment giant has recently bought the rights to distribute the web series…


Business Stories

”Street Dance of China” Brings the Foreign Subculture on the Dragon’s stage

While hip-hop is banned from Chinese public representations, a talent show tries to reinvent the…


Tech Innovation

WeChat supports multimedia publishing for public accounts

China’s biggest app provides a decentralized platform for user-generated content     On the evening of…


E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba’s offer at Disney: shows on Youku

Disney has just turned down the business deal with Netflix, but not with Alibaba. The…