Taobao Global Buyer From Wenzhou to Africa


As a representative of China’s technological force, Alibaba is also actively participating in the development of many fields in Africa


In the past four to five years of South Africa, China’s influence in Africa is increasing. In addition to the first generation of “gold rushers” who went to Africa to do clothing and footwear business, more and more Chinese companies began to build urban infrastructures such as terminals, roads, and railways in Africa.

In the past two years, Alibaba has also launched three talent development programs in Africa: The Internet Entrepreneurship Program, the African Youth Venture Fund, and the Global E-commerce Business Program, which provide financial, technical and talent training support for local African companies. Ma Yun said that Africa can cultivate 100 Alibaba and produce 1,000 “Ma Yun”.


African E-commerce is still in the early stage of development. Although Taobao is not yet a national-level application platform in Africa, the trend of branding and quality has emerged.


At the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in Beijing, the leaders of visiting African countries have called to see Ma Yun to discuss cooperation in the Internet field. On September 3, Ma Yun chatted with the President of Ghana and the President of Botswana in Beijing. The next China-Africa Forum Entrepreneur Summit will be held in Hangzhou.

In 2017, Alipay partnered with local companies to access 10,000 businesses in South Africa, and South Africa became the first country in Africa to access Alipay offline.

African businessmen are paying more and more attention to brands, channels, quality rather than simplicity. Prices and practices are becoming more and more standardized, just as Taobao has always guided them.


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