Taobao, live streaming set for a 2019 growth



Taobao, over the years, has become a standard e-commerce configuration


Taobao, an important online shopping site operated by Alibaba, predicts explosive growth in live streaming sales.

This is confirmed by Wen Zhong, senior director of Taobao content ecology, who explained how with three years of growth, Taobao Live has become a “standard configuration” rather than an “optional choice” for e-commerce stores that do business on its platform.


In 2018 Taobao achieved sales of approximately $ 14.93 billion


Taobao Live achieved a turnover of 100 billion yuan (about $ 14.93 billion) in 2018, with an annual growth rate of 400%. On the platform, more than 600,000 varieties of products were sold last year.

Taobao Live has authorized farmers, business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs to promote their specialties in a modus operandi that brings together, in practical terms, face to face with interested buyers.


The expansionist aims of Taobao find fertile ground in new technologies


In 2019, according to estimates, Taobao would like to reach the quota of 200 online stores that use streaming sales, in order to carry out annual transactions that exceed 100 million yuan each.

To succeed, Taobao relies heavily on the application of new technologies. The strong points should be the 5G network, virtual reality and augmented reality. Through these factors, live streaming sales would bring more diversified interaction between online sellers and buyers, generating more profits.




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