Taobao, offline success of online brands



A shining example is present in the Hangzhou Kerry Center shopping center: the “Taostyle” store


Soon in China, it will be possible to find offline multi-label stores that will host independent clothing brands. The novelty stems from a Taobao initiative that started its collaboration with local retailers in China to launch its first offline multi-label store.

In particular, the best example is certainly the “Taostyle” store, in the Hangzhou Kerry Center shopping center. Inside, there are currently around 350 articles from a selection of over 20 brands. Walking into the store you can find more popular and fastest growing brands on the e-commerce site, such as Lamps, Roaringwild, Ayuko and THESSNCE.


The store also allows consumers to place orders online as well as store purchases


One of the most interesting innovations of the new initiative signed Taobao is the frequent reshuffling of products, so that Taostyle brings e-commerce shopping experiences offline. Each garment has a unique QR code, which customers can scan with their phones to access its product page on Taobao. Here you can find out the price, get detailed product descriptions and customer reviews.

Consumers entering the store can place orders online as well as store purchases, as Taostyle receives the same commission for online and offline transactions.

Xia Yu, general manager of Hangzhou Shunhong, who runs Taostyle, said: “We don’t just want to open a traditional store to sell clothes. We want to explore a new way to merge the online with the offline”.


Most of the brands on display took off on Taobao or increased thanks to the platform


Jingjing Liu, director of leasing at the Hangzhou Kerry Center, said that the collaboration with the experimental store helps the department store involve young and fashionable female buyers, who make up the majority of their customers. “We have high hopes for Taostyle,” Liu said.

Most of the brands on display took off on Taobao or increased thanks to the platform. In fact, Taostyle offers them an offline channel to improve the experience of existing fans and reach new customers, as well as the chance to test the waters before committing to their physical stores.



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