Technological innovation, China calls for international cooperation


International cooperation for the improvement of reliability and efficiency of the electricity grid. A direct and concrete request, one that was presented by a senior executive of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC).

Wang Min, Executive Vice President of SGCC, carried out this idea during the annual CERAWeek energy conference – meeting with key speakers from the energy, technology and finance sectors, which this year attracted over 3,000 guests from over 50 countries and regions – organized by the IHS Markit business company in Houston, Texas. “Encouraging international cooperation or creative teamwork is a way to take a step forward in the field we are working in. This way, researchers can share ideas and exchange information” said Wang Min.

SGCC, in China, is responsible for the construction and operation of electricity grids with the mission of providing a safer, cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable power supply, which is crucial to China’s energy security and economic life line.

Regarding cooperation, Wang pointed out that SGCC has long cooperated with ABB, a multinational company based in Zurich, which is seen as a leading technology leader in electrification products and electrical networks and a long-term partner of the Chinese company.

Claudio Facchin, head of ABB’s Power Grids division, confirmed that the large Chinese market requires continuous innovation. “The technology that we have been developing in China, together with State Grid (Corporation of China), is now being deployed in other countries” said Facchin.

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