Technology companies wholly owned in Qatar: Huawei becomes one of the first



Huawei opened a new office in West Bay area of Qatar’s capital Doha


According to a state-run Qatar News Agency, Huawei, the giant Chinese tech firm, has become one of the first fully owned technology companies in Qatar. Bringing its number of offices in the capital city to three, Huawei Huawei opened a new office in West Bay area of Qatar’s capital Doha.

Through a statement released Tuesday, Huawei said: “Huawei, a leading global provider of communications and information technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, became one of the first technology companies with 100 percent ownership in Qatar”.


The establishment of the third office will help promote the ICT industry in Doha


According to the note, the presence of Huwei in Doha is also fundamental to contribute to the ICT industry in the city, going to support and renew vital sectors of the city such as oil, gas, transport, education and health.

Frank Fan, CEO of Huawei Qatar, said: “This marks an exciting new period of growth for us in the country, and we are looking forward to expanding our activities and collaborating with our local partners and customers to further innovate and drive forward the local ICT industry”.


In 2005, Huawei opened its first office in Qatar


The growth of Huawei in Qatar is also due to the fact that the telecommunications giant is working on the development of the fifth generation technology, which should provide better communication services between individuals, vehicles, homes and appliances and that is of great interest to Qatar.

On May 24, Qatar’s cabinet approved a draft law to encourage foreign investment in the country to boost economic development. The draft law allows the access of non-Qatari investment in all economic fields with up to 100-percent ownership.



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