Ten Thousand Duck Clavicles Sell Out in Minutes


Zhou Hei Ya, or “Zhou Black Duck”, is a company that sells processed duck food products. Based in Wuhan, west of Shanghai in Hubei province, Zhou Hei Ya has been open for business since 1995. In 2012, the company was recognized by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) as a “well-known trademark” in China.

On Alibaba’s recent shopping holiday, Double 12, Zhou Hei Ya’s fans showed their enthusiasm. By 1 p.m. Dec. 12, 10,000 Duck clavicles sold out in just five minutes.

2017’s Double 12 is an offline shopping carnival, with more than 300,000 merchants participating in brick-and-mortar retail promotions worldwide. Koubei, an Alibaba affiliate company that specializes in online ordering for offline products, reported 65 million orders on Dec. 12.

Developing Online and Offline

Zhou Hei Ya also participated in the 2017 Double 12 online companion event, which boasted better savings than last year. In order to provide a better shopping experience, consumers place orders online and can pick up items from local Zhou Hei Ya stores within 30 minutes. Additionally, offline customers can pay with Alipay to save time.

Pay Attention to Member Marketing

After more than a decade of hard work, Zhou Black Duck has more than a thousand stores. The development of Zhou Black Duck’s marinated products market far exceeds non-branded counterparts.

One reason for this growth in market share could be the attention Zhou Black Duck gives to member marketing. Zhou Black Duck launched its very own WeChat Electronic Membership Card to stay connected with its customers, providing personalized, customized service. It is reported that Alibaba’s Koubei online payment platform helped Zhou Black Duck attract more consumers.

More and more well-known Chinese brands are working with e-commerce platforms to take advantage of this win-win situation.


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