Tencent, big money from Honor of Kings: 7 billion RMB!



Increased daily users and download volume for one of the most popular titles in China


In the world of online gaming is one of the most played in the world and Tencent’s mobile games title “Honor of Kings” has yielded about 7 billion RMB (just over $ 1 billion) in February, according to a research report from the bank Japanese investment company Nomura.

According to the report, to increase earnings revenue, it was an important expansion package launched on January 17, the biggest that the game has received since its release in 2015. The number of average daily users (DAU) and the volume of “Honor of Kings” downloads have increased since the release of the expansion pack.


Tencent said he spent over 88,000 hours on updates


Dubbed “Version 2.0”, the package includes significant graphical improvements and a good amount of new content. Tencent said he spent over 88,000 hours on model updates and remastered a total of 105 heroes and skins.

The great care taken in improving the game is not the only factor that has increased earnings, other factors are the seasonality around the Chinese New Year and the new titles due to an eight-month freeze on licenses for new games in 2018.


The title boasts 53.8 million DAUs in the fourth quarter of 2018


Known as the “Arena of Valor” in foreign markets, “Honor of Kings” is the most popular mobile game in China with 53.8 million of players in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to statistics from the data analysis company Jiguang.

Tencent is still awaiting approval to monetize several major titles it distributes in China, including the global hit “Fortnite”, “PUBG” and “PUBG mobile”.




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