Tencent builds hardware, but has difficulty selling them



Tencent’s market focuses mainly on videogames and smartphone applications, but also sells hardware


If you think Tencent can sell everything, you are wrong. If it hasn’t problems with games and applications for smartphones, this cannot be said regarding the production of hardware of the famous Chinese company.

One of the objects Tencent focused on in 2015 is Tencent’s digital photo frame, his first home-made hardware. If you already know it, you will know that it is built to display images and make video calls and allows users to receive photos sent from multiple WeChat accounts.


Many people say they’d rather buy a tablet for over US$200


Of the few who used it, some said it’s great for keeping in touch with the elderly in their homes. But others pointed out that it has a very limited user experience. It doesn’t do much albeit costing between 699 yuan (US$101) and 1,699 yuan (US$246).

The name of the smart display is Dingdang and has an eight-inch screen and provides access to the company’s content, including Tencent Video and QQ. It costs 699 yuan (US $ 101).


Back in 2015, Tencent also made a wearable camera that looks like the Narrative Clip “life-logging” camera


Back in 2015, Tencent also made a wearable camera that looks like the Narrative Clip “life-logging” camera, which was a brief hit at SXSW for one year. Furthermore, Tingting speaker boasts the ability to let users operate WeChat with voice command.

Tencent also made a pair of glasses that looks a lot like Snapchat Spectacles. But the glasses were launched only last month, so it’s hard to say if it will take off one day or sell as poorly as the product they’re based on.



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