Tencent, China Telecom: a new data center for the arrival of 5G



The rapid rise of data centers is bringing about problems in terms of investment


The Guangdong arm of China Telecom, one of the country’s three state carriers, needs new data centers to support the huge amount of data that will be there with the arrival of the 5G. Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings has penned a deal to build and maintain China Telecom 5G data.

Gao Jiang, product director for Tencent’s data centers, said at the signing ceremony yesterday, said that Tencent has selected several locations for large data centers this year in order to prepare for the next few years.


5G is increasing the need for underlying computer power in telecoms


Gao told Yicai Global on the differences between Tencent and product makers like Huawei that: “Manufacturers give you tools, but how you use them is your own business. Tencent provides not just the tools, but also management experience”.

Gao added that the rapid rise of data centers is bringing about problems in terms of investment, energy consumption, low efficiency. To resolve this problem, Tencent Smart Maintenance Platform is a solution.

The infrastructure management software helps customers fully understand the operating condition of their data centers and it can constantly optimize operations to reduce costs.
To date, Tencent has distributed 1,100 nodes of acceleration for content distribution networks across China and over 200 in 30 other countries and regions. Tencent aims to put servers closer to users to speed up web connections.



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