Tencent Games expands the anti-addiction system



Security mode is now available on 31 Tencent-marked titles


Tencent Games is expanding its anti-addiction system to 16 other mobile games, due to the concern that young Chinese spend too much time playing. The company has declared that its secure gaming system now covers 31 titles, including “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG) Mobile and “Honor of Kings”. Tencent also promised to implement the system in all its games throughout the year.

The increase in control comes after the Chinese gaming companies have been accused of contributing to addiction to childhood games. Last year, People’s Daily called Tencent’s online multiplayer “Honor of Kings” as “poison”, adding that social games require stricter rules.

Tencent started introducing restrictions on young players in July 2017. The anti-addiction system limits children aged 12 and less than 1 year to one hour of play a day between 8:00 and 21:00. Boys over 12 can play for two hours a day.


NetEase followed the example by implementing time restrictions


The anti-addiction system is supported by the verification of the real name, which requires users to confirm their identity with respect to the police databases, a move that the company supports to strengthen its protections. Last October, Tencent went even further by experimenting with facial recognition for verification purposes.

Earlier this month, however, rival NetEase followed suit by implementing similar time restrictions and curfews for underage players.

Tencent, in the past, has suffered financially due to the unfavorable regulatory environment for game publishers. The Chinese government has in fact ordered a moratorium on the approval of gaming licenses at the beginning of 2018, leading to huge losses for the industry as a whole.



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