Tencent is licensed to distribute Nintendo Switch in China



The console has been available on the international market since 2017, but China was cut off due to some restrictions


The Chinese Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangdong Province has given the green light to Tencent to distribute the Nintendo Switch video game console in China. The company also received approval for a Nintendo game released in January 2019, “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.”

Nintendo Switch has been available in many markets since March 2017, but was not officially released in China due to the lack of some approvals. The video of the console announcement, to confirm the interest in the product, reached over 10 million views on YouTube only one day after uploading.


Many Chinese players have already purchased Nintendo Switch elsewhere


As a console that has sold over 32 million units since the end of 2018, Nintendo Switch could form a synergy with Tencent’s successful mobile title “Honor of Kings”, which is already available on the platform. While many Chinese players have already purchased Nintendo Switch elsewhere, the official distributor of the console, which would mean better technical support, could be a strong incentive to buy for those who have seen it elsewhere.

However, the problem of access to the console’s online game store, which sometimes requires the use of VPNs from mainland China, has proved to be a problem for other gaming consoles. This problem will probably also affect Nintendo Switch.



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