Tesla arrives in Tianjin with Model 3



The first batch of Tesla Model 3 electric cars arrived in China at the Tianjin port.


If China is the largest market for electric cars, certainly Tesla could not miss this market. The American company, according to reports from Shanghai Securities News, with the cargo ship Glovis Symphony arrived at the port of Tianjin, China, with Tesla Model 3 car models on board.

But this is only the first ship, two other ships that contain cars, Morning Cindy and Emerald Ace, should arrive in Shanghai and Tianjin on February 19th and February 24th. However, for the Chinese market, Tesla decided to cut the prices of the Model 3 range at the end of last year, cutting its long-range twin-engine version to CNY499,000 (USD73,540) from CNY540,000.


The Tesla Gigafactory, based in Shanghai, will produce 250,000 cars a year starting in 2020.


The company also reduced the model performance model price to CNY560,000 from CNY595,000, and for a limited period offered its autopilot guidance system, worth CNY 46,300, free of charge.

Although a discount has been made, cars are still much more expensive in China than in the United States, where the same versions are sold for the equivalent of CNY339,000 and CNY414,000. The problem, of course, is the effects of the Trade War between China and the USA.

CEO Elon Musk is looking to start building Tesla in China to reduce this price gap, and the construction of the Shanghai Gigafactory is already underway – it is expected to produce 250,000 cars a year from 2020. The The company has five other ships that send cars to other markets, of which four in Europe – two of which have already arrived in Belgium – and another in a destination not currently known.



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