Tesla Tapping into China’s Digital Market


Another example of Western brands focusing on China. Tesla opens online flagship store in Tmall 


Tesla launched its first-ever virtual store on Tmall. The US based electric car brand, opened its first official flagship online store on China’s leading e-commerce platform Tmall on April 16 and announced an 8-day live-streaming campaign starting April 21 on Taobao. The main goal is to embrace China’s robust digital economy. 


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China, once again,  is the playground for the bravest brands. Tesla’s strategy shows brands are starting to be bold with their approach towards the country. The store mainly sells auto parts such as foot pedals and other interior Tesla accessories, the company said. According to the sales volume, the best-selling product is the Model 3 Key Fob, priced at 1,200 yuan. Consumers can also 48 hours of test-driving reservations on this platform. Tesla sold more than 10.000 cars in China in March, its highest-ever monthly sales in the world’s largest auto market.


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Tesla said its move to a third-party platform like Tmall helped establish an online closed-loop service system to better serve the younger generation of consumers in ChinaTesla is known for actively engaging with China’s young consumers through marketing strategies and other car features since it entered the local market. The promo also includes coupons for free charging services.


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 It said that Chinese car owners can play Mahjong and send real-time comments to online video-streaming platforms like Bilibili once the Over the Air (OTA) service is upgraded. Tesla also opened official accounts on China’s widely-used social media platforms Tik Tok and Kuaishou to ramp up exposure. Other car brands like Tesla, such as VOLVO, BMW, and Jaguar, have all turned to Tmall to sell products, considering the digital habits of young Chinese. It is reported that thousands of 4S stores held live stream shows during the 2019 Double Eleven (or Single Day’s) Shopping Festival hosted by Alibaba.



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