The first AI-Native database in the world is created by Huawei



GaussDB is the first database in the world based on artificial intelligence and will bring database performance to new levels of efficiency

With the advent of 5G there will always be more data to manage and maneuver and databases will be increasingly important. Huawei Technologies, which has always been at the forefront of this sector, has recently presented the first database in the world based on artificial intelligence. In particular, Huawei presented the GaussDB, the highest-performance distributed storage in the world, and the FusionStorage 8.0, the result of the Chinese communications giant’s efforts to redefine the data infrastructure sector.

David Wang, executive director and head of Huawei’s communications technology and marketing technology, said at a press conference in Beijing: “Heterogeneous, intelligent and converging databases will become the key data infrastructure for the financial, government and government sectors. of telecommunications “.


Now Huawei is competing with Oracle, IBM and Microsoft, which dominate the global database market


GaussDB is the first enterprise-class database in the industry that supports the Advanced RISC Machine architecture and will push database performance to a new level, meeting intelligent analytical requirements spanning multiple sectors. GaussDB, as confirmed by Wang, can increase the performance of the autotuning algorithm by over 60 percent while the computational capabilities are 50 percent higher than the industry average.

Huawei’s FusionStorage 8.0, on the other hand, also integrates AI into full-lifecycle storage management with faster input / output per second and less delay time, making it possible for distributed storage to support critical business applications for the first time.


“Humanity is entering the era of an intelligent world,” said Wang


Currently, the worldwide distribution of GaussDB and FusionInsight, another of Huawei’s big data solutions, is for 60 countries and regions and over 1,500 customers in the finance, internet, logistics, education and automotive sectors.

Humanity is entering the era of an intelligent world,” said Wang. “Data is the new factor of production and intelligence is new productivity.



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