The first baby born in a test tube in China became a mother



Zheng Mengzhu, born in 1988, gave birth to a child through a cesarean section


Peking University’s Third Hospital says that Zheng Mengzhu, the first test-tube baby in mainland China, gave birth to a male child on Monday morning.

The child (3,850 g) was born at 8:34 am on Monday through a cesarean section and his mother Zheng – born March 10, 1988, with the help of Zhang Lizhu, one of the leading research doctors on test-tube children at the hospital – did not report complications.

The event confirms the growth of research for test tube births


The doctor Zhao has specified that “the intervention has gone rather well, both the mother and the child are in stable conditions”. The doctor also added that the reason for the cesarean was the horizontal position in the baby’s womb. Furthermore, Zheng himself stated that research concerning the birth of test-tube babies in China has reached important levels in the world.

Qiao Jie, head of the hospital, said that the birth of Zheng’s son marks another milestone in the history of assisted reproduction in China.



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