The Italian brand FILA aims to expand its brand in China




The FILA brand is owned by Anta, the largest Chinese sportswear manufacturer, which took over the Italian business in 2009



If we talk about sportswear, it is impossible not to mention the renowned Italian brand FILA, which has been producing sportswear for over a hundred years. The Italian company, which in 2009 was taken over by Anta, the largest Chinese manufacturer of sportswear, said it will try to extend its reach to various age groups in China, focusing on high fashion and performance sports.

In particular, Brian Yiu, CEO of FILA China, said that the brand will continue to be a fundamental element for the Anta Group, although its earnings could still be lower than the Anta brand, due to the slower opening of stores in the second half of the year due to a modified macroeconomic environment.

Anta said that FILA accounted for 40 percent of its total revenue during the first six months of this year and that FILA’s revenue increased 79.9 percent to 6.54 billion yuan ($ 921 million) in the same period.


FILA is present in New York, Milan, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo.


With the intention of expanding the brand, FILA intends to use the four sub-brands under it, which are the main FILA Core brand, FILA Kids for children’s sportswear, FILA Fusion mainly for young consumers and FILA Athletics for sports shows.

In particular, FILA Core, which caters to consumers aged 25 to 45, is a leading brand that combines elements of fashion and sport and has collaborations with renowned fashion designers including Fendi, Jason Wu and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Brian Yiu added: “It is essential to find an adequate way to communicate with the new generation, both as a company and as a parent. It is also one of the reasons why we founded FILA Fusion, so that we can communicate directly with younger consumers. ”


FILA is trying to win over middle-high income consumers


However, if on the one hand there is the importance of fashion, on the other the sporting performance is fundamental. Last year, FILA established the FILA Athletics brand, which deals with tennis, golf, running equipment, fitness and seasonal sports including skiing, cycling and water sports.

“We are seeing a growing number of Chinese taking part in high-level sporting activities such as tennis and sailing, as well as seasonal sports such as skiing and cycling,” said Yiu.

Adam Zhang, the founder of the Key-Solution sports consulting and marketing agency, said: “In order to maintain such a high rate of growth, FILA must listen carefully to consumer preferences and continue to invest in its categories of fashion sports to improve its advantage in fashion and to gain new strength from sports performance “.




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