The world’s first 5G self-driving bus line in Henan



The project and test operations of the world’s first self-driving bus line are the results of China Mobile’s efforts


Zhengzhou, capital of the central province of Henan, can boast of having had the first self-driving bus line in the world that uses fifth generation wireless technology. This result is the product of the project implemented by China Mobile.

In this first experimental project, as confirmed by the Chinese telecommunications, a 1.5 km route is planned in the new Zhengdong district and the use of vehicles made by Yutong Bus capable of performing automatic speed control, autonomous avoidance obstacles, independent lane changes and precise pull-in,


The 5G network greatly increases the efficiency of data interaction


To get full coverage along the line and ensure regular operations, 27 base 5G network stations were installed at Zhengdong. In addition, China Mobile has optimized the network for some important points to improve security.

The revolution with the 5G network will be above all due to the efficiency of the data interaction between the autonomous driving vehicle on-board system and the autonomous driving platform as well as the self-driving performance. This reduces response times from an average of 50 milliseconds each time in the 4G era to 4 milliseconds.


China Mobile will expand 5G coverage in Henan province next year


The information and projects of China Mobile were confirmed by Dong Xin, deputy general manager of the company. During the opening ceremony of the bus line, Dongo confirmed that the company will promote 5G among local industries as well as autonomous driving, high definition videos, virtual reality, the Internet of things and health care.



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